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Olga Shevchenko
Administration / Community Outreach

My name is Olga Shevchenko (maiden name Pyzh). I grew up in Ukraine and was always very loved by my parents, but spiritual guidance came from my father’s mother, my grandmother Joanna Pyzh (maiden name Boryk).

Her love for Christ was so contagious that I had to have her Jesus in my heart as well. I accepted Him when I was 14. Since then my life changed. I wanted to be the person God wanted me to be. There were a lot of times that I felt I was off the track, but God steered me to His vision and His plan for my life.

While I was in university, I was also a student of Bible Institute in Kiev that helped me to serve Christ better. I was working a lot as an interpreter, because of my knowledge of English, helping different churches and missions. I always wanted to work for God. God was preparing me for the ministry. I travelled a lot and learnt a lot in England taking Christian courses in Southampton Community Church, interpreting for Southern Baptist Convention/Mississippi & Tennessee, translating manuals for Family Counseling, working with different pastors. Those privileges I cherish a lot, they helped me to be useful to others.

I loved my Borislav Baptist Church in Lviv region. There I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior, I was married to a godly man, and my three children were dedicated to the Lord. In 2000 God led us to immigrate to Canada as a family. God found a new home for us at Long Branch Baptist Church and blessed us with the fourth child 2 years ago. My brother became a Christian and is in ministry full time in Ukraine, and my parents became Christians and every member of my family is serving the Lord.

I always had a passion for people and a passion for God’s Word: the Bible. God loved us so much and wants us to love others. My deepest desire is that more people will know Christ and be with Him. This is the goal of my life; to bring my family and others to Christ. I love to counsel young adults, I love to help others in need and my family has been amazing in fulfilling my dreams. They are working with me to get others to God. My house is quite often full with amazing people who became my friends and my Christian fellow brothers and sisters.

So I am serving God Jesus Christ in any capacity He ever granted to me: daughter, sister, wife, mother, mother-in-law, just a friend and a servant of loving God.

I love this Long Branch community, and am very thankful to work as Outreach & Administration coordinator here at Long Branch Baptist Church, run the Clothing Outlet every Friday 9-11am and enjoy people around me.

I am very grateful for this church, as it has been God’s holy ground, the place of comfort and blossoming of His grace and love.

Olga Shevchenko - Administration and Community Outreach
Long Branch Baptist Church
Toronto, ON