Our History

Long Branch Baptist Church began as a mission work of the Baptist Convention of Ontario Quebec (BCOQ) early in 1914 as a result of prayer, careful research, and commitment to bringing people in the Long Branch Area to Jesus Christ. We built and met in our first building on December 19, 1914, but it was not until January 31, 1915 that it was formally opened. When the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches of Canada was formed in 1953, we became a part of it.

God has used our church to extend Christ’s church locally and globally. LBBC was instrumental in establishing Kenmuir Baptist Church in Mississauga and Bramalea Baptist Church in Bramalea. From the beginning of Long Branch, we have actively shared and supported in Christ’s work overseas by supporting and sending missionaries to various nations around the world.

As a congregation, we have shared the ebb and flow of life and events in our community in order to share Christ Jesus. This has not always been easy, because the community and culture have constantly been changing, nevertheless because Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever (Hebrews 13:8, ESV) we have remained in the community to present the timeless gospel in a manner that is relevant to the people and day in which we live. In order to effectively communicate in the time in which we live, our building has gone through a number of changes, the most recent of which was completed in May 2002. However, we have never changed in our commitment to Jesus Christ and his word.